emergency response

Emergency Response

A coordinated approach to Emergency Response requirements providing Humanitarian Equipment to both Governmental and Civilian Aid Organisations across the Globe.

To provide special equipment, training and support to the Military, Police, Oil and Gas, International Aid and Emergency Services customers anywhere in the World.

The  Emergency Response Equipment Group was formed following an initiative from the British Government Business Unit of UK Trade & Industry. The initial event held in the UK brought together some 40 companies involved in infrastructure support, expeditionary and humanitarian operations. The need for such an approach was soon recognised by events and unexpected natural disasters and industry-specific catastrophes. It has been recognised that one of the key issues of many natural disasters is the effective communication to the outside world followed by concerns over the basic infrastructure for the region and acute localised population increases caused by these events.

Power, Communications & Lighting, Pontoons, Barriers & Insulation, Shelters, Medical Supplies & Water Purification, Security & Risk Mitigation, Perimeter Protection, Vehicles, Trackway & Bases.

The diversity of the Group enables us to supply the widest range of Emergency and humanitarian infrastructure equipment and resources. As a Group we are constantly interacting and looking for new ways to maximise our potential and utilise each other’s products to ensure that customer needs are satisfied. This ensures the Group is able to react and adapt quickly to change, maintaining pace with technology and customer requirements.

Together as a Group we are able to provide totally flexible solutions that harness skills to meet individual customer requirements without compromise. Once the requirement has been clearly identified then the key team members are selected. Those members then work through one prime contractor within their group to ensure maximum convenience for the customer, no matter how complex that contract is. This arrangement is important for the customer providing one single point of contact and one single contract.

permanent & temporary shelters : field hospitals : medical equipment : field catering : power (generators and battery systems) : water purification : lighting : barriers : bridges : bases : pontoons : trackway : logistics : specialist vehicles : communications : surveillance : fuel handling : air conditioning : flood protection : survival equipment :


Emergency Response

At AMTC we can provide you with the necessary infrastructure, equipment and disaster management tools and solutions in the event of national and international crisis and emergency response.

Infrastructure, Oil & Gas

Ensure you have a fully operational infrastructure and supply network in place to ensure your recovery plans are effectively implemented with AMTC's range of products and services including oil and gas solutions.

Homeland Security

Provision of professional homeland security equipment and communications solutions including infrared, personal and large-scale scanning devices, CCTV and recording systems for use in the airports, police etc.


Specialists in integrated radio and telecommunications systems from system integration to wireless network solutions. We also provide product hire and sales alongside a radio repair and maintenance workshop.

Agriculture & Water

Establish a sustainable, independent and effective food supply chain with farm machinery products and food production design and project management services from AMTC.


At AMTC we specialise in trading and distributing medical products, focused on generic medicine, medical supplies, disposables and tests. We are committed to offer high quality products and affordable medicine.